The KMeD project has completed. The KMeD website now serves as a historical record of the findings and accomplishments of the KMeD team.
A part of the National Science Foundation Scientific Database Initiative Grant IRI 9116849
Last updated on June 12th, 2001

This page uses actual KMeD screenshots to walk through the various functions and capabilities of the KMeD system. The material found here is based on a poster developed by the KMeD Research Group for the Computer Science Department's 1994 Annual Research Review. Full technical details can also be found in:

Wesley W. Chu, Alfonso F. Cárdenas, and Ricky K. Taira. KMeD: A Knowledge-Based Multimedia Medical Distributed Database System. Information Systems, 20(2): 75-96, 1995.

Please note that these pages are very graphics-intensive; some pictures are quite large, and there are a lot of them. Be prepared to wait a bit if you don't have a fast network connection.

  1. Queries by Content
  2. Temporal Evolutionary Data Model
  3. Cooperative Query Answering
  4. High-Level Query Language
  5. Analysis, Presentation, and Visualization

Snapshots of KMeD version 2.0 are now available from the following links.

  1. Image Segmentation
  2. TAH generation
  3. Visual Query/Schema Language
  4. MQuery Results and Visualiation
  5. The OITL Application
  6. Sequence Query
  7. Sequence Query Scalability

The MS Timeline is an application developed using research stemming from the development of the KMeD application. A Demo and Screenshots are available here.

A photo taken by the Los Angeles Times in August 1997, featuring KMeD work.
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