The KMeD project has completed. The KMeD website now serves as a historical record of the findings and accomplishments of the KMeD team.
A part of the National Science Foundation Scientific Database Initiative Grant IRI 9116849
Last updated on June 12th, 2001

On this page, you will find descriptions and links to other Web sites related Several ongoing research projects at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the School of Medicine, are actively using KMeD as a part of their system. There's also a wealth of information on other medical projects, ranging from computed tomography 3D reconstruction, to medical information managment.

UCLA Biomedical Engineering Lab (BEL): BEL is a computer lab maintained by KMeD for the UCLA Schools of Engineering and Medicine. BEL supports faculty, student, and researchers involved in biomedical research. UCLA School of Medicine, Department of Radiological Science: The Department of Radiological Sciences has research projects in medical image processing for mammography, CT, etc. with projects on PACS and compression.
UCLA Cobase Project: Cobase is an ongoing next-generation database project, developing techniques such as cooperative querying, temporal and spatial representations, and type abstraction hierarchies. UCLA NIH Program Project Grant (PPG): The PPG is a collaborative effort between Computer Science, the Department of Radiological Sciences, and other parts of the School of Medicine. This three year project is focused on the development of tools for clinical radiology.
National Science Foundation (NSF): The NSF sponsors a large number of research projects throughout the US, including several in the area of database development and medical applications. National Institute of Health (NIH): The NIH gives grants to research institutions for a variety of medical research projects, and serves as the foundation for several other large government organized efforts. Current medical research can be found here.
National Library of Medicine (NLM): The NLM is a branch of the NIH, and is a large repository for information on medical issues. The NLM is also the sponsor for the Virtual Human 3D imaging project.
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