The KMeD project has completed. The KMeD website now serves as a historical record of the findings and accomplishments of the KMeD team.
A part of the National Science Foundation Scientific Database Initiative Grant IRI 9116849
Last updated on June 12th, 2001

On this page, you will find links to bios, CVs, and other information about the people, past and present, who are or have been involved in the KMeD project. The research group consists of researchers and students from a variety of departments (Computer Science, Biomedical Physics, etc.), in addition to doctors from the UCLA Medical Center.
Some members of the KMeD group in the KMeD lab in 4829 Boelter Hall, UCLA. From left to right: Alex Bui, Professor Ricky Taira, Roderick Son, Professor Alfonso Cardenas, Professor Wesley Chu, Jason Borja, Christine Chih, and David Johnson. Missing: Christina Chu, and Joon Shim. (1998)
Professor, UCLA Computer Science Department
Professor, UCLA Computer
Science Department
Assistant Professor, UCLA Department of Radiological Sciences
  • Denise R. Aberle, MD
  • Claudine M. Breant, PhD
  • Jonathan Goldin, MD, PhD
  • Robert Lufkin, MD
  • Daniel J. Valentino, PhD
  • Keith L. Black, MD
  • Gary R. Duckwiler, MD
  • Hooshang Kangarloo, PhD
  • Michael F. McNitt-Gray, PhD
  • Fernando Viñuela, MD
MA Applied Mathematics, 1997
MS Computer Science, 1999
PhD candidate, Computer Science
MS Computer Science

MS Computer Science, 1993
MS Computer Science, 1993
PhD Computer Science, 1996

PhD Computer Science, 1993
MS Computer Science, 1994
Currently at Intel Corporation
BS Cybernetics, 1993
MS Computer Science, 1995
Currently at AT&T

BS Computer Science, 1995
MS Computer Science, 1997
MS Computer Science, 1999
Currently at Deloitte Consulting
MS Computer Science, 1992
PhD Computer Science, 1997
MS/MBA Computer Science, 1998
MS Computer Science, 1996
PhD Computer Science, 1999
MS Computer Science, 1997
PhD, Computer Science, 2000
MS Computer Science, 1989
PhD, Computer Science, 2001
PhD, Computer Science, 2000
An outside shot of Boelter Hall, home of the UCLA Computer Science Department and the computer science portion of the KMeD research group. From left to right: Professor Alfonso F. Cárdenas, John David N. Dionisio, David B. Johnson, Christina M. Chu, and Christine Chih. (1995)
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All cartoon pictures were taken from the comic strip, Dilbert, drawn by Scott Adams.